Past Performances of Special Events
Date (Month-Day-Year) Place Engagement Type of Booking
06-(01-02)-2007 Amherst,MA University of Mass.-International Trumpet Guild Convention Getzen booth, conert
05-(28-31)-2007 Amherst,MA University of Mass. -International Trumpet Guild Convention-TRPTS Getzen Booth, Concert
05-(25-27)-2007 Sacramento,CA Sacramento Jazz Festival-Mike Vax Sextet Concerts
05-(23)-2007 Balboa,CA LA Jazz Institute-Tribute to Kenton and Rendezous Ballroom-MV Big Band Concert
05-(20)-2007 Pleasanton,CA Foothill HS-possible concert-MVJO Concert
05-(01-15)-2007 ,Portugal, Spain, etc. Cruise-Regency Seven Seas Voyager-Mike Vax Big Band Concerts/Dances
04-(30)-2007 Fl. Lauderdale,FL Leave on Cruise-Regency Seven Seas Voyager-Mike Vax Big Band Concerts/Dances
04-(18-21)-2007 Madison,WI University of Wisconsin-Spring Fling Concerts Guest Artist, Clinics
04-(12-17)-2007 Cities of,WI Places TBA-Local schools/Meetings at the Getzen Factory Clinics/Meetings
04-(01)-2007 Bay Area,CA Concert-MVJO-Fred Radke Guest Artist-Place TBA Concert
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